Day 3 Hilo to Hokkaido — Sapporo to Otaru

Our group hired a driver to take us to Otaru and will be leaving Keio Plaza Sapporo Hotel. We are staying at a ryokan in Otaru for two nights. I woke up early again and stopped at the combini breakfast and picked up an onigiri and Japan yogurt.

After checking out of hotel we got on our mini-bus and headed to Otaru. I am looking forward to the two nights in Otaru. We stayed at Kuramure Ryokan. Breakfast and dinner are generally included if you stay at a ryokan–sometimes in your room and sometimes in a dining area. I can’t wait to relax in the onsen.

When we got to Otaru, we walked along the main shopping street and browsed the stores. We tasted lots of samples and purchased some glassware.

All that walking and shopping made us hungry so we found a place for lunch.

Crab, corn, and ikura/uni donburi.

After lunch, we checked into ryokan and said goodbye to Kazu, our driver and promptly enjoyed some onsen time.

After onsen, we had dinner in a private room during which time, our final member of our group joined us!

After dinner, it was off to the music room for singing and dancing–80s era!

What a delicious and fun day! Living Hilo Style in Otaru.


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