Garden to Table: Three Times the Slime

I’ve been trying to grow okra in my garden. It has slowly been producing and I’ve been able to make an occasional side dish with the few okra that I harvest. This morning, as I walked around the garden, I found five okra that were ready for harvest. My husband had just come back from Oahu where I had sent him to Marukai to pick up yamaimo. I had natto in the fridge. Perfect!!!

I washed the okra and parboiled it and cooled it down. Then just chop it into small pieces and put it in a bowl.

Then peel and chop the yamaimo into small pieces and add it the the same bowl. Add a container of natto.

Add a dab of grated wasabi and some shoyu and mix all together.

I topped it off with katsuobushi and ate it with some freshly picked shiso from my garden. What a great garden to table breakfast. Living Hilo Style.


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