KTA Teri Beef turns into Nikujaga

My daughter had a teri-beef plate soccer fundraiser at KTA Puainako recently. KTA is such an awesome community partner and allows many organizations to work with them. You’ll often see all kinds of different youth sports teams (players and parents) working hard to cook and sell yummy teri-beef plates.

I ended up taking home lots of teri beef plates that day. My family ate some for dinner and I saved the rest because I figured I could use some for easy meal-prepped lunches for work. All I have to do is add some veggies on the side and I’ll have a bento box ready to go.

I was watching the newly released Terrace House series on Netflix recently and in one episode, they cooked nikujaga for dinner for the housemates. That got me thinking that the teri beef has basically the same flavor profile as nikujaga so I went to KTA and picked up some potatoes, carrots, onions, ginger, and snow peas.

I chopped the onions and tossed it in a pot and let it heat up and soften. Next, I peeled and chopped the carrots and threw that in. I did the same with the potatoes and let those ingredients heat up. I sliced up the teri beef, added some water, shoyu, mirin, and a couple of ginger pieces and let the ingredients simmer.

A few minutes before serving, I added a few snow peas for color.

Such a quick and simple dish that all started with leftovers from my daughter’s soccer fundraiser. Living Hilo Style.


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