Meeting with Chili and a Strawberry Slush Float at Kozmic Cones

I had a meeting one afternoon and was pleasantly surprised to find out that the location would be at Kozmic Cones. I have childhood memories of going to that location when it was Dairy Queen and my mom or dad would take us there for a ice cream treat.

More recently, I go there because they are right in town and conveniently have a drive through and make it easy for me to quickly pick up something for a snack or for dinner for my kiddos or when I am picking up fundraiser chili! I re-read Misty’s post about Kozmic Cones and was convinced that I should get the chili. (Here is a link to Misty’s January 2019 post that reviews her 3 favorite things from Kozmic Cones. ) I decided to get the chili frank plate and try and have some self control and just eat part of it and take some home for my husband to finish up. That way, I can eat dessert too.

Lots of people on Yelp raved about the Nutty Cone but I needed something that I didn’t have to hold in my hand during the meeting. So, I decided on one of my favorite things to have on warm, humid days. Strawberry slush float! Perfect.

I never would have considered holding a meeting at Kozmic Cones but it worked out well for our small group. They have a convenient area in the back of the dining area for a small group to talk and collaborate easily. Check out Kozmic Cones soon! Living Hilo Style.


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