Only in Hilo: Top 3 @ Kozmic Cones

By Misty I.

Everyone in Hilo knows that Kozmic Cones has a drive-thru where you can get ‘ono local grinds. My top three treats from Kozmic Cones are:

#3 chili bowl – it’s simple and delicious. If you’ve never tried their chili, please try a bowl. It is a very popular item. Better yet, get a chili burrito plate or chili frank plate. More chili, more betta!

#2 teriyaki beef sandwich platter – order this when you are hungry! It’s a teri beef sandwich, potato-macaroni salad, and fries. So ‘ono! When you’re done with your January detox a teri sandwich platter will be waiting for you!

#1 Coke freeze – or root beer freeze is good too. Chocolate or strawberry shakes don’t even come close to a freeze. If you haven’t had one, try it.

See you at Kozmic Cones, only in Hilo!


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