Chauffeur Duties+Thwarted Gym Workout = Gravy Cheeseburger from K’s Drive In


I had a busy morning at work but I still wanted to get a workout in before the end of the work day.  Things kept popping up at work and I didn’t make it to the gym on campus until 1:15.  Right when I walked into the gym and took my phone out to start up my Keelo workout app (which I love!), my daughter texted me to ask me to pick her up from school.

She thwarted my good intention of working out at that moment but I had to make sure to have a positive mindset and take this as another opportunity to spend time with my daughter.  I only have a few more years with her here in Hilo and even less drive time together since she has high hopes of getting her driver’s license one day soon. So I left the gym and spent a few nice moments with her after school but before she left for soccer practice. Later that afternoon, my husband finished work and called me to let me know he hadn’t eaten lunch and was going to stop at K’s Drive In to pick up food.  Did I want anything?  Ummm, I was going to work out but didn’t get to so, yes,  I do want something.  I want a gravy cheeseburger to make me feel better and give me energy!

The gravy cheeseburger from K’s Drive In hits the spot. It consists of a homemade patty with gooey cheese and tasty gravy on a soft pillow-like bun.  Yum! I first tried this amazing combination from K’s many years ago when I was a high school student.  One of my friends lived near K’s and introduced me to this yumminess.


It gave me energy to keep on doing work stuff, take a break and plant some daikon and some sweet peppers, and then do more work!  And I did get in a home workout using my Keelo fit app. Living Hilo Style.


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