Tofu Lettuce Wraps

I’ve been trying to eat more healthily–partly for myself and partly to give my family healthy options.


I try to get ideas from different social media channels. I follow the Lee Kum Kee profile on Instagram and saw a recent post that uses their lettuce wrap sauce.


The post suggested using firm tofu instead of ground chicken for a lettuce wrap.  I love lettuce wraps and I wanted to try it. I put the crumbled firm tofu, chopped onions, and chopped shiitake in a pan and cooked it for a few minutes until the tofu browned a little and the onions were translucent.  While the mixture was cooking, I washed romaine lettuce leaves so it would be ready to cradle the mixture of yumminess I was looking forward to. After the tofu mixture was cooked through, I added the packet of sauce to the pan and warmed it up. 

Just transfer the mixture to a serving dish and top with chopped green onions.  I got my green onions from my garden! I thought the flavor was ok.  Maybe since tofu doesn’t have much flavor I felt like it needed something so I added some extra zing to the mixture with some hot sauce.  If you have chili garlic paste, that would go perfectly with this dish.  This was so easy and fast to make. I think it is a little healthy too!  Living Hilo Style with Lee Kum Kee.


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