This Year, Kanani’s Birthday Meant Aloha Mondays

Yay! I love when a birthday comes up for Kanani. We celebrate with some time together for lunch. We checked out the menu for the week at Aloha Mondays and liked it so we decided to put in our order and get it delivered to us.

We ordered the Shrimp Scampi with angel hair pasta, tomato relish, and garlic crostini. Portuguese bean soup with a Punalu’u sweet bread grilled cheese sandwich. Mushroom Poke Salad with Waimea tomato, cucumber & sprout mix, wonton chips, in a creamy ginger dressing. I also wanted to try the Blue Zone item which was a warm spinach artichoke dip served with baked u’ala rounds and crudite vegetables. I forgot to take a picture of the soup.

After all this food, we had total kanak attack! I had to roll myself out of the room. Aloha Mondays is such a treat. Living Hilo Style.


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