Only Easy: Ahi Tartare — Inspired by Moon & Turtle

By Misty I.

December 25, 2019

Merry Christmas! Although I love Christmas, I also love a fresh start. By the time you read this, our Christmas tree will be taken down and my home will have no sign of Christmas.

If you have a NYE party to attend maybe you could make this Moon and Turtle restaurant inspired dish. Although my copycat version pales in comparison to the Ahi Tartare at Moon and Turtle, my boys love it. The amounts are approximate. If you want to try the real thing make a dinner reservation at Moon and Turtle soon!

Ahi Tartare w/ Tsukudani Mayo


2 C. freshly cooked rice
2 Tablespoons Tamanoi Sushi no Ko Sushi Seasoning (or make your own)
1 lb. raw ahi (ground or if you’re feeling fancy – sashimi grade!)
¼ C. takuan pickles, chopped into cubes (or to taste)
¼ C. Maui sweet onion (or to taste)
¼ C. Momoya Brand Tsukudani Seasoned Seaweed (or to taste)
½ C. mayonnaise (or to taste)


  1. Mix the cooked rice with sushi no ko seasoning and press into a large spam musubi mold. Do not pack the rice as much as I did in the pic above.
  2. Mix the ahi, takuan and sweet onion, press onto rice in mold.
  3. Mix tsukudani nori seasoning with mayo to get the color you see in the pic or to taste (sorry I forgot to measure this part!)
  4. Transfer molded tartare to a serving dish and smear the tsukudani mayo on the plate. Next time I think I’ll try adding the tsukudani mayo in between the sushi rice and raw ahi though it wouldn’t look as nice.
  5. You could garnish with microgreens or a little green onion, I only had cilantro when I made it.
  6. This recipe is totally customizable and you can add or delete things to your taste.

That’s it, only easy!



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