Freshly Caught Ahi Turned Into Ahi Five Ways for Dinner!!!

My neighbor shared a chunk of freshly caught ahi with us. Ooh! We made all kinds of things with it. My daughter wanted to make poke so I let her do that. She made a shoyu ahi poke and a spicy ahi poke. I had some freshly harvested okra so I made a natto cocktail with it. I mixed parboiled okra, natto, takuan, and ahi and seasoned it with some wasabi and some shoyu. Fresh and yummy. I wish I had yamaimo to go in the mixture. I am missing the ahi tartare with tsukudani mayo from Moon and Turtle so I made that. I chopped up some ahi and mixed it with onions and takuan and layered that over a bed of seasoned rice that was topped with the tsukudani mayo mixture. I garnished the dish with freshly harvested green onions and microgreens and it was perfect. I still had some ahi left so I made a ahi katsu for us. Just season pieces of ahi, then coat with flour, egg, then panko and fry for a few minutes. I like to serve this with tonkatsu sauce.

We enjoyed an amazing dinner! So lucky — Living Hilo Style!


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