Moon and Turtle with Misty Developed Into an Ahi Tartare Obsession

Misty and I have been so busy that we hadn’t seen each other in a while.

We set a date for us to have dinner at Moon and Turtle. Boy were we happy to go on that evening because we found new favorite dish to love from Moon and Turtle. We started the evening with the She So Sour drink with a hint of awesome shiso flavor.

We shared the following dishes:

Gyoza — Local ulu, potato, and blue cheese with a Maui persimmon vinaigrette

Smokey Sashimi — Our old favorite. Local ahi, Kiawe-smoked soy, Hawaiian chili epper water, EVOO

Daikon salad — Local daikon, local mixed lettuces, organic arugula, frisee, Farmer’s Market tomato, Japanese cucumber, wasabi soy dressing, nori flakes, katsuobushi.

Ahi Tartare — Local yellofin, picked daikon, sweet onion, Hawaiian chili pepper, sesame, Koshishikari sushi rice, microgreens, tsukudani mayo. This is the dish that is my new favorite dish and I will order it every time I go there if they have it. Misty and I both ordered a serving to take home so the rest of our family could love it and obsess about it. (Aaron is insisting that I try to recreate this at home so we can have it even if M&T doesn’t have it. Misty tried recreating it at home.)

We ended with an affogato and a lilikoi pie. What a perfect evening that fed my stomach and my soul. Living Hilo Style.


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