Sharing of Hilo Garden Bounty

From my garden, I get to share wing beans, okra, papayas, shishito peppers, cucumbers, green onions, and soon snow peas with my friends.

Over the course of the fall/winter, I also got lots of starfruit from Grace and tangerines from Bobby and these were shared not just me but also my friends, neighbors, students, and coworkers.

In addition, I was blessed with:

  • araimo, kabocha, bittermelon, and Okinawan tangerines from Neil.
  • lemons, starfruits, and eggs from Grace.
  • carrots, radishes, basil, and sweet potato greens from Lisa.
  • jabon and grapefruit from Wane.
  • kabocha from Brian.
  • avocado from Marjorie and Andrey.
  • yuzu from Garet.
  • tangelo, calamansi, longan, and lemons from Kerri.

It is so awesome to be able to eat produce locally grown and harvested with love. Anyone want green papaya and kalamungay? Living Hilo Style.


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