Shelter-In-Place Project: Garlic Herb Salt

One of my friends shared a bunch of parsley and thyme with me. I don’t usually cook with either of those herbs and didn’t quite know what to do with it.

I took a sprig of thyme and a sprig of parsley and picked a rose from my garden and put it in a vase. It was pretty. With the rest of the herbs, I decided to try and make a herb salt with it so it wouldn’t go to waste. I had garlic and rosemary and just had to get some sea salt.

It was easy! I just washed and thoroughly dried the fresh herbs and then took the leaves off the stems and put it in a food processor with a few cloves of garlic. After chopping it up a little, I added some salt to the mixture and chopped it up a little more. After that, I put it into a baking pan and left it out for a couple of days to dry. Once it was dried, I packed it up and shared it.

It is perfect for sprinkling on salad with a little olive oil. Or I think it would be good to season beef or poultry before cooking too. So lucky to get these garden bounties from friends. Living Hilo Style.


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