Shelter-In-Place Omelet: Spam, Kimchi, Garlic Chives, Green Onion

I’m always the first one up in my house. It is a quiet, peaceful time that I enjoy. I do love breakfast especially savory breakfasts. So I tried to figure out what I could make for myself. On this morning, I thought about the ingredients I had at home in the fridge, pantry, and garden and with some inspiration from Steamy Kitchen decided to make an omelet.

I chopped up some Spam from our pantry, kimchi from the fridge, and garlic chives and green onion from the garden and tossed it in a frying pan with a little bit of oil. I then mixed a few eggs with a splash of mirin and then poured that in the pan over the Spam and veggie mixture and let it cook.

It was quick and easy and delicious! Living Hilo Style.


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