Learning About Wine with Diego from Argentina

I did another Airbnb Experience the other day. This one was to learn about Argentinian wine from Diego who is a a sommelier whose passion for wine and connecting with others comes through as we talked and drank together. I participated in this online experience with people from Arizona, Los Angeles, NYC, Missouri, and even someone from Hungary who is visiting Buenos Aires. We heard about the different wine regions and grapes of Argentina beyond Malbec which seems to be the most widely known Argentinian wine–at least to my non-wine knowing self.

Diego shared some suggestions for some wine including Imperfecto, Manos Negras – the black label, and Barda. I might have the names wrong since I was drinking my wine freely during the class. My notes are messy and scattered and I have words like Torrontes, penguins, tamales, and bonards written on my paper. Argentina sounds amazing. It was great being able to have a virtual visit with Diego. Check it out!


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