Black Bean Basa in the Microwave

My son really likes the black bean basa from Happy Valley here in Hilo. But if I were to buy it from them as often as he wants to eat it, I would go broke. I had the idea of trying to make it at home and found out that it is really easy! I bought basa from the freezer section at KTA. I used a recipe from the KQED site called Steamed bass, Cantonese Style and it worked perfectly.

I defrosted a couple of basa filets and put it in a Pyrex pie dish. I skipped the salt/pepper/cornstarch step and just coated the filets with Lee Kum Kee black bean garlic sauce. I julienned some ginger that I had harvested from my garden and added some chopped green onions, also from my garden. I drizzled a little shoyu and vegetable oil over the fish, covered it in plastic wrap and microwaved it for 8 minutes.

My son loved it. Living Hilo Style.


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