Garden to Table: Okra No. 2 (with Bitter Melon and Nira)

I love cookbooks and was looking through the Honpa Hongwanji Hawaii Betsuin Favorite Island Cookery Book IV published in 1985 that @808gem gifted to me. If you have this cookbook, I think you should check out the hekka on page 72 and the baked chicken on page 85 since there are handwritten notes in the book telling me to do so. I was specifically looking for recipes to help me use some of the things I’ve been harvesting from my backyard garden.

I found an okra recipe, simply called Okra No. 2 that I thought was simple enough for me. I modified the recipe a bit as I am prone to do but I have to say that I really liked it. It is basically a vegetable omelet. I heated some garlic in some oil and added salted bitter melon, sliced okra, and sliced garlic chives (nira) to the pan. When the vegetables were done to the texture I wanted, I added in some egg that I had seasoned with some mirin and kombu tsuyu.

I’m sure it would be great with some diced Spam in it too. This was a great #GardenToTable breakfast dish! Living Hilo Style.

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