Only on Netflix: Top 3 from a Newbie

By Misty I.

August 19, 2020

On top of the stress of everything COVID, things have been especially crazy in my life lately and my job has taken over my life. I won’t get into the details but just know that as efficient as I am, the river is far too swift for me presently. Sigh.

At night when I should be relaxing and focusing on my family, I don’t. I’m thinking about tomorrow’s punch list for work. Sigh again.

One of the few things that can get me to stop focusing on work is Netflix. I’ve been forcing myself to watch it to stop thinking about you know what. I only recently got a monthly subscription and these are my top 3 recommendations:

#3: Midnight Diner – this is a Japanese series about a guy who owns a diner and all of the interesting characters that pop-in. I love the food aspect too and want to try making some dishes.

#2: Stranger Things – I love, love, love the 80’s vibe of this show. My younger son has watched it and perhaps your teens have too. It’s like E.T. but waaaaay better! If you’re a kid of the 80’s you may get hooked like I did.

#1: Ozark – when I think my job couldn’t possibly get harder I watch this show and I feel better cause at least I don’t have to launder money or worry about getting whacked by Mexican drug cartels. Ha! Warning…don’t watch this if you’re kids are around. This is a very famous Netflix show and I feel like everyone has watched it but me.

That’s it, back to work.


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