KTA Coupon Book Jabong Shrimp Salad

I recently got some jabong (pomelo) from a friend. We love just segmenting the fruit and chilling it and eating it as a healthy and refreshing snack. Coincidentally, I got my KTA coupon book with a a pomelo shrimp salad pictured on the cover with the corresponding recipe on page 14. I had all the ingredients needed to create this salad so I tried it. And like most salads, it is just a matter of chopping everything up and mixing it together so it is super quick and easy.

I took about a pound of cooked shrimp that I chopped into bite-sized pieces and combined it in a bowl with about a cup of chopped jabong, a cup of chopped avocado, and about 1/4 cup of chopped onion. The KTA recipe called for papaya but I left that out. Also, if I had red onion, I would have used that instead of regular onion. I squeezed the juice of a lemon over everything, added a drizzle of EVOO and seasoned with some garlic salt. The recipe called for some mint but I used cilantro instead. My family ate this ceviche-type salad with some tortilla chips. YUM! We loved it. If you want to make it more salad like, you could spread this mixture over some butter lettuce. I recommend it because it is easy and yummy. Living Hilo Style.


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