Garden to Table: Basil Oil

My basil plants are doing pretty well. In fact, when the plants start flowering, I was cutting the stems and rooting them and propagating them to have more basil. At some point, I realized that I had a lot of basil! My daughter said she plans to make some pesto and I can’t wait to try it. But on this day, I had to prune back the basil plants. I decided to try making some basil oil to give to some of my neighbors. It was so quick and easy. I just put a bunch of basil leaves in a food processor and added some garlic, salt, and some olive oil and processed it down.

This sauce is perfect to eat with some crusty bread or to drizzle over some tomatoes and mozzarella or to use as a salad dressing. I think it would be a good sauce on chicken or fish too! Living Hilo Style.


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