Anitipasto with some Pasta

I forgot about this delicious antipasto recipe that a friend gave me years ago. I used to make it every so often but for some reason, I haven’t made it in a few years. I don’t know why because it is so good! And of course, easy! Here is the link to the recipe. But it is totally customizable to your tastes. You can add more veggies if you want–in fact, I think chopped zucchini would be a great addition.

On this day, I added some penne pasta and some sliced salami so that I could serve it as a pasta salad. I sprinkled some Parmesan cheese on the top for extra flavor. And — the green basil and the red peppers give it a holiday feel if you want to make this for a party — next year. But this dish is awesome without the pasta. Just serve it with some crackers or sliced bread. YUM! Living Hilo Style.


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