I Want to Hear the Stories

I’ve acquired a variety of things recently that I love. I love it not because it is fresh and new — although it is new to me — but I love it because it is not new. One example — my friend who was moving away from Hilo asked me if I wanted to have some of his mom’s old cookbooks. YES!!! I love cookbooks — especially all the local ones. I thought it would be just a few books but it was a pile of cookbooks! Some from the 1960s from local Boy Scout troops. I have so many things to try and cook. I especially love finding random handwritten notes on the recipes. The stories from these cookbooks — I wonder which were the favorites? Which ones did her family ask for regularly? Which ones were special party recipes for celebrations?

That same friend gave me an assortment of dishes. Every time I use one of the dishes, I think fondly of my friend and also of the parties and the food that particular dish had seen. What stories and family memories are attached to each dish?

I have always loved kimono and obi fabrics. I love the shine, the colors, and the fact that it reminds me of my connection to Japan. I love the jackets and scarves from Vested Interest. Elizabeth Kent sews all the beautiful items. The Elizabeth’s tags on the pieces says, “I selected and crafted this piece from special fabric to bring out its most beautiful elements, colors, and weave. In this age of mass production work, one-of-a-kind art wear is a special find. Vintage material that may have enjoyed several family generations sometimes show blemishes or signs of use. That is a part of its beauty, and is a distinguishing characteristic. I like to think each piece has a history of its own, and now you are a part of its story. It’s the next chapter. I hope you enjoy wearing and using this as much as I enjoyed creating it. You will add your beauty to its timeless heritage. Please enjoy it and make it a part of your life.” What stories do these beautiful fabrics have to share? What parties did it go to? What celebrations and special moments were these a part of? I am honored to be part of the next chapter. Email elizabeth@VestedInterestHawaii.com if you want to be part of one too! Living Hilo Style!


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  1. Anne,

    Thx so much for your kind words. It means so much. The sentiment and feeling touch me.

    With aloha and appreciation,


    This message was sent from my iPhone. If something doesn’t make sense plz blame it on that darn auto-correct and clumsy fingers and let me know! I didn’t mean to send gibberish.



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