Easy Sunday Brunch on the Patio with help from KTA

We enjoyed getting together with our family on our patio one Sunday morning. My mother-in-law is 99 years old and we want to do what we can to help her get to 100 so rather than gathering in an indoor space, we had a brunch on our patio to lower the risk of spreading any kind of illness we may unknowingly be carrying.

Since there were just seven of us, we had a simple menu. I bought some ube sweet rolls, salmon, boneless saba, arabiki sausage, and assorted cut fruits from KTA. I followed the instructions from Just One Cookbook to make shiozake and salted saba. I just had to fry the arabiki sausage and plate the sweet rolls and fruits. Additionally, I put together one of our favorite salads — taegu tofu watercress salad with ingredients all from KTA too. I also put out a couple of bowls of leftovers that included thinly sliced beef simmered with daikon and a hechima/nabera and tofu with spam in miso sauce. These were all very easy dishes to make that I could cook inside and bring outside. My sister-in-law made a delicious tamagoyaki and also brought desserts from Short and Sweet. POG mimosas were refreshing and made our brunch feel special on this Sunday morning. We even found a beautiful orchid at KTA that served as our table centerpiece and gift for my mother-in-law. Living Hilo Style.


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