Pacific Coast Highway Road Trip Packing List

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We haven’t had a family trip in a while. Schedules for a school and work for four people just didn’t work out. For this summer family adventure, we decided to road trip it on the Pacific Coast Highway.

Since we would be in a car for an extended period of time, I wanted be conscious of how much luggage we had since there were four of us in the car and we would be on the road quite a bit. Here are some of what I decided to pack:

  • A tripod so that we could get a family photo at some point to use on our holiday greeting card this year.
  • Comfortable daily wear to go from hiking to casual restaurants–sneakers, shorts, joggers, and t-shirts, a couple of dresses and a pair of comfy heels that can go from day to night with the addition of accessories.
  • A waist-pack for going exercising or hiking without having to carry a purse. Additionally, I packed some lightweight reusable bags to use on shopping trips.
  • Some wraps for warmth and color to dress up the casual and basic black clothing I use when I travel. Wraps are also perfect for the plane to keep me warm and covered.
  • I have access to several streaming services so I downloaded:
    • Netflix—Bling Empire Season 2
    • Hulu–Deep Water and a bunch of food or wine shows—Neat: The Story of Bourbon, Ramen Heads, Somm, Somm: Into the Bottle, Somm 3.
    • HBO Max–Tokyo Vice
    • Apple TV–Pachinko
    • Amazon Prime–Sideways since most of it was filmed in Solvang where we will be staying one evening. Bottle Shock
    • The shows, in addition to the books I have on my Kindle, should keep me occupied on this trip. I expect that I won’t get to see or read everything since I’ll be trying to be present and enjoy where I am as much as possible.
  • I dug up my phone mount holder for the car air vent so that we could keep the map open for the driver throughout the trip.
  • I also dug up my 4-port USB car charger in case the car we rented didn’t have sufficient USB ports. We use the phone for everything — GPS, travel info, music, camera, we can’t have it die on us mid-trip.
  • Lots of disposable masks. And some snacks to last me until I get to a Trader Joe’s and get more snacks.
  • Made sure my AAA roadside assistance membership was current.

Other than that, all we needed were our IDs, money, and some positive energy.

Stay tuned to find out how our trip went. Living Hilo Style on the Pacific Coast Highway.


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