Second Annual Hilo-Waiakea Bands Hot Dog Jam

img_0176The Hilo Intermediate, Hilo High, Waiakea Intermediate, and Waiakea High School bands recently held a fundraiser to benefit the programs at their schools. It was an all-you-can-eat hot dog affair. Some people had a plain dog, some dressed it with ketchup or cheese, and some drowned their dog in chili.  There was also kimchi, sauerkraut, and onions to top the dogs.img_0213 The event was run with the help of parent volunteers who served the hot dogs with smiles on their faces. My family’s first shift (working for my daughter’s school) started at 11 a.m.img_0191My husband and son worked on the hot dog line for two hours.img_0211My daughter and I worked at the drinks and chip table for two hours. We worked hard at that table without any time to partake of any hot dogs during our shift. But we did find time to take a picture with Jodie who worked hard refilling our coolers with drinks and ice!

My second shift (for my other child) started right after the first shift.  I continued to work the drink and chip table at 1 p.m., but since there were now twice as many people working at our post, I was told that I could take a break. Instead of taking a break, I went to relieve my husband from his shift so he could eat the chili kimchi hot dog that he had been craving all morning. I worked at the melted cheese station for a while but was  again told that they had more than enough workers and that I wouldn’t have to work this shift. There were enough 1 p.m. workers to allow those who had been working all morning to take a break.

I finally got to sit down to enjoy  a hot dog–a treat that I don’t often indulge in. I had a kimchi mayo dog with onions. Delicious! However, when the manpower coordinator saw me taking a break, I was reprimanded! 😳 How embarrassing to be reprimanded after volunteering to work and giving it my best effort all morning and being told at two different posts that there were enough people on the second shift to work. The coordinator assigned me to watch the locked back door of the gym to make sure that no one went in or out of the gym. Since I signed up for the shift, I did not complain and I went and did my duty.  That was the most useless use of a human resource at that fundraiser! It was so boring at that post. Even if I had not been there, no one would have gone in or gone out. But since I was assigned to stay at the back door, I diligently served the rest of the shift there. While I was at the back door,  I got to listen to the bands perform. I also got caught up on my social media updates. img_0212I couldn’t visit the craft or game vendors though. Too bad. I was looking forward to seeing some of the crafts and jewelry available for sale. I was also hoping to take some pictures for this blog post.  Good thing my partner got some pictures and shared them with me.img_0210While I was at the back-door post, I wanted to feel like I did something while I was there, so my daughter and her friends graciously accommodated my request to creat a scene so that I would be documented stopping someone from trying to get past me. Other than the job I had a the back door of the gym, I enjoyed my time supporting the band programs at the Hot Dog Jam.  Hope to see you next year–not at the back door.  Living Hilo Style.



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