Real Men Wear Pink: Remembering Tom

 Just a few months ago, we were introduced to a very special human named Tom Callero. A few days ago we learned of his untimely passing.

While we didn’t know him for very long, we felt in our hearts that Tom was genuine. It wasn’t surprising to hear him described by friends as an incredible husband and loving father. We believe it when his coworkers’ description of him was simply one word: Amazing. He will be missed dearly by the many people who have met him throughout the years.

We first introduced our readers to Tom and his pink shirt in one of our early blog entries about our night at Chef Fest.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Tom’s ohana: May you find peace and comfort knowing that the memories you all shared will linger forever. Rest in paradise, Tom.

Click on link to read about the time we met Tom and had the honor of tasting Tom’s Pink Shirt.


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