Only in Hilo: Cronies Bar and Grill


by Misty I.

Do you ever have a hankering for a good burger? Good news! You can satisfy your craving at Cronies Bar and Grill which is a strong contender if there was a contest for  “best burger in Hilo.” I love the menu at Cronies, you wonʻt find any foie gras or arugula around any of their burgers, thank goodness! They have a great selection of classic burgers that include cheese, bacon cheese, mushroom swiss, and teriyaki burgers. Recently, my younger son went three-for-three at his baseball game one afternoon at Gilbert Carvalho Park so we decided to celebrate with an early dinner. My son chose Cronies. We agreed that would be the perfect spot since Cronies is casual and I was in my running clothes and my son was still in his uniform (san cleats of course.)


We settled on cheeseburgers (comes cooked-to-order with two types of cheese, lettuce, tomato, and onion on a brioche style bun) and “half and half” which is Cronies-code for half beer-battered onion rings and half french fries. If you are like me and have a “crinkle” fries problem (which is hard to find in Hilo) I am warning you that Cronies has salty, crispy and just plain addictive crinkle fries! If your crinkle fry problem is super-serious you can order it by the bucket too! Youʻre welcome.


IMG_7489.JPGCronies doesnʻt only have burgers they have an extensive menu including other types of burgers, pizza, and wings. They also serve yummy salads if you like to save your calories for drinks (or crinkle fries!) Speaking of drinks, Cronies is a full-service bar with beer on tap, wine, mixed drinks and all the frou-frou drinks you can think of! Next time you are ʻono for a burger (and fries!), go to Cronies. Only in Hilo! IMG_7500.JPG

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