Simply Sweets Desserts

Have you heard of Simply Sweet Desserts?  I’m talking strawberry spread and ube spread.  Talking banana bread with Chantilly.  Talking cookie butter bread pudding. Mini Melona cupcakes.  So many delights!IMG_6090.jpgHave you also heard that they have a new location where you might be able to get your hands on some of their goodies?  Follow them on Instagram and make sure you turn on your notifications so you are first to hear when their pop-up shop is open for business!

I worked at the 2017 Hilo High School Grad Nite where Simply Sweets donated some sweets to the newest Viking graduates.

If you don’t know about them, the owners of Simply Sweets shared a little bit of information you may not have known about their business that was recently voted to be the Tribune Herald’s Best of East Hawaii Dessert provider!

1. What is Simply Sweet Desserts and Rentals?  Simply Sweet Desserts & Rentals is a locally-owned dessert business focused on baking homemade desserts made from recipes handed down in our family.

2. How and when and why did you start the business? Simply Sweet Desserts and Rentals was started by my sisters and me after our mother passed away in 2012. As we were rummaging through her belongings we stumbled upon a box of old family recipes some of which we now use in our business today. We have officially been in business for the past two years.

3. What is your Hilo connection? My younger sisters and I were all born and raised in Hilo.

4. What are your most popular items? We were most known as the creators of the banana bread and Chantilly, however, our “Spreadables” have become a popular item at this time. “Spreadables” is a creamy breakfast spread which can be eaten with a wide variety of foods including bagels, wafers, and so much more!

5. What are some new and exciting products currently in development? We are always creating new desserts in the kitchen or building on our existing recipes. Most recently we have created a “Simply Sweet Ice Cream Loaf” using our homemade banana bread with locally made ice cream and homemade whipped cream. We’re still perfecting it but it’s delicious!

6. How can someone put an order in with you? As of right now we are not taking any orders and are booked until the end of the year. We do post “extras” for sale from our current orders on Instagram, and we will also be doing several pop-up bake sales in the next few months. The best way to get our desserts at this time is to follow us on Instagram and turn on your notifications. Be the first to comment and you’ll get the extras! It’s just my sisters and me so we produce limited amounts of our desserts. We are focused on quality and not quantity. We are currently working on a new venture that will allow us to provide Hilo with larger access to our desserts. So follow us on Instagram and stay tuned!

7. What is your favorite thing about living in Hilo? Hilo has been nothing but supportive to Simply Sweet Desserts and Rentals since the beginning. So with that said the people are our favorite thing about Hilo!

My friends and I were lucky to have a tasting of some of their sweets including Nutella bread pudding, strawberry and ube spreadables, banana bread muffins at a party one evening.Simply Sweets is always coming out with new and delicious treats.  Follow them on Instagram so you can try some!  Living Hilo Style!


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