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Only Easy: Zebra Icebox Cake


By Misty I. Can you feel it? Summerrrr! This is a cool no bake treat that you may enjoy, my family sure does! This recipe is over 80 years old. It has stood… Continue reading

Only Easy: Confetti Butter Mochi


By Misty I. If you are in need of a colorful dessert perhaps you could try making this. It’s verrry easy! Confetti Butter Mochi Ingredients: 1 box mochiko (about 3 cups) 3 C.… Continue reading

Only Easy: Lemon Pound Cake


By Misty I. Recently students read about recipes published in old Hawaiian newspapers (Ka Nupepa Kuokoa) from 1865. Pound cake was one of the recipes students enjoyed translating and reading about. However, when… Continue reading

Only Easy: Misty’s Summer Berry Cobbler


By Misty I. Need a ridiculously easy summer dessert for your Independence Day BBQ? Make this! It takes less than ten minutes to prep. I literally throw this together an hour before my… Continue reading

Only Easy: Misty’s Jell-O Parfaits


By Misty I. Mele Kalikimaka! I always start the season with visions of a picture-perfect holiday similar to a Currier & Ives print, minus the snow. Then reality sets in and I find… Continue reading

Simply Sweets Desserts


Have you heard of Simply Sweet Desserts?  I’m talking strawberry spread and ube spread.  Talking banana bread with Chantilly.  Talking cookie butter bread pudding. Mini Melona cupcakes.  So many delights!Have you also heard… Continue reading