My Six ‘F’ Focus Words of 2018

Happy New Year!!!fireworks-cover-earsWe made it!  We made it through 2017.  We made it into 2018.

I love new beginnings. Whether it is a new day, a new week, a new month, or a new year, it always feels like a fresh start. A fresh start to good health, happiness, and being grateful for the blessings that I have. This year I look forward to new adventures in travel, work, and parenting.img_2664I look forward to enjoying my time with my kiddos who are quickly growing older and getting closer to the time where they will move out and become independent.

I look forward to spending time with friends and experiencing #epic moments.

I talked about some specific strategies I hope to use to accomplish my goals in a post last month (last year!).  Today will be a great start.  Yes, you may say that this is an exercise in futility to keep making these statements week after week, month after month, and year after year. I don’t mind. I like the practice of reflecting on my current status and thinking about how I can improve–even if I already know the answer.  It feels good to remind myself of these positive things I want to have in my life.img_2682So, here are the six ‘F’ things I want to focus on in 2018 (listed in alphabetical order).

  1. Family
  2. Fitness
  3. Flying (to travel adventures)
  4. Food
  5. Friends
  6. Fun

Of course, work isn’t listed here but in my mind, if I can work efficiently and productively on work, then I will have more time to focus on the more important ‘F’ areas in my life.  Have a great 2018!