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Only Easy: Baked Beans w/ Portuguese Sausage


Misty I. I never really liked baked beans growing up. Boy, times have changed, I love it now. This is my version based on my Grandma’s recipe. Mine has more bacon. It goes… Continue reading

Only Easy: Misty’s Portuguese Bean Soup and “Futsedas”


By: Misty I. I follow two rules for Portuguese Bean Soup. Rule #1: No cabbage Rule #2: No macaroni My Portuguese/Irish grandmother Mary did not use those ingredients in her soup so I… Continue reading

Only Easy: Portuguese Sausage Bread at Errol and Kelly’s Super Sunday Party


By Misty I. Did you watch the big game on Super Sunday? We were invited over to Errol and Kelly’s again this year and we had so much fun as usual! Errol and… Continue reading