There’s Always Room For Panties and Puppies


Over the past few months, I have been fortunate to attend some great functions and this was no exception. However, it was the first time that I can say I almost left with panties and a dog!


Jane Wiedlin, founding member of the ’80s band The Go-Gos, hosted a Panty Party fundraiser for Aloha Ilio. It was a riot! A fashion show and doggie parade highlighted available lingerie and, most importantly, adorable dogs up for adoption.


A nonprofit since 2009, Aloha Ilio works in conjunction with the Hawaii Island Humane Society in its effort to limit the amount of animals – mostly dogs – in its shelter, until they are able to find forever homes. It is comprised of a small army of volunteers that give of their time and resources by fostering stray animals or pets who are no longer able to be cared for by their owners.  Aloha Ilio is always looking for volunteers.


One such volunteer is awesome Mt. View Elementary music teacher and Hawaii County Band flautist, Jen Tsuji. Jen and her ohana have fostered several litters of puppies and kittens over the years, all of which have been adopted by loving Hawaii Island families. Their newest litter is only three weeks old!  Jen took in a pregnant Dachshund-mix, Bella, only a month ago and has been diligently caring for her and now her new babies, too.  All six adorable puppies have just opened their eyes and will be available for adoption in about a month. Please call Aloha Ilio at 960-1704 to let them know you want one!

Bella and her babies: Middle Row L to R: Hudson, Branna, Walden. Bottom Row L to R: Sierra (the only girl), Ashby, and Aden

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