The Hidden Talent In All Of Us

By:  Jenn K

For the past year or so, I’ve been hearing about this thing called Paint & Sip.  I never really paid attention to it because, even though there’s wine involved, it’s painting.  Anyone who knows me knows I can’t draw, or paint, or do anything having to do with arts and crafts.

In recent months, I’ve seen quite a number of posts on social media from people who seem to be having a lot of fun painting and sipping and showing off their incredibly talented creations.  All of their finished products look amazing, which I totally attributed to their artistic talents.

However, as I learned later, they didn’t all know how to draw.  Surely, they must know how for their works to be so nice?!  I could never create a piece without it containing stick figures and blobs of colors.

So last week my friend-boss, Tracie, set up a painting class with Patrick Ching.  He had been in town for a couple of weeks to work on a mural of the `Alalā at the Kress Building.  Patrick also set up a mini gallery at The Most Irresistible Shop where patrons and fans could purchase books and prints that he would lovingly sign.  “Let’s do it!” She exclaimed in her text.  I admit I was hesitant but, in the spirit of learning something new, I agreed.  Besides, Patrick’s works are beyond amazing and I was sure he would be a great teacher.

A small group of us gathered at the Shop last Saturday to learn how to paint the `Alalā.  I was so nervous about creating a possible miss-terpiece.  I couldn’t even remember the last time I actually drew something.

Then something incredible happened.  I painted a bird, sitting on a branch, staring up at the sky, at sunset.  It was all thanks to Patrick and his step-by-step instructions, his patience, and his collaboration.  Everyone in the class produced their own masterpieces.  We were all proud of our own works and of each other’s.  Co-worker-friend, Terri, called her finished piece a “miracle” for she, too, had no idea that she could produce such a fine piece of art.  The amount of talent people have for art/painting is exciting to witness!

Patrick will be back in November for the release of the `Alalā and I’m hoping to be able to take part in another painting class.  Imagine that?  Now I know why people repeatedly sign up for these classes.  The amount of fun, laughter, and support of each other is rather addictive…even without the sipping part!

Look for us on a future airing of Patrick’s weekly art program called “Painting In Paradise” on OC16.  You can also sign up for a 26-week Nature Painting Mastery Course which begins on September 17.  If I can paint a bird and have it look like a bird, anyone can.


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