Only up Mauka: Pu’u O’o Trail

By Misty I.

July 3, 2019

It’s summer, are your kids going crazy at home yet? Get them off their devices and force, I mean encourage them to go on a hike with you. That’s exactly what my husband and I did with our sons recently.

We decided on Pu’u O’o Trail off of Saddle Road around the 21-mile marker.

It’s a very easy trail with beautiful views. You will walk through dry forest and gorgeous koa (acacia tree) groves with kipukas (land surrounded by lava flows) along the way. If you’re lucky you may see hipa (sheep) or pua’a (pig.)

There are literally a million perfect picnic spots along the way. We finally enjoyed our fried chicken, musubis, little smokies and Hawaiian Sun pass-o-guava juice (so nostalgic!) in a shady koa forest about two miles in.

On our way back to the truck the weather began to turn, so if you go, be sure to pack light rain gear. Also, if someone is allergic to bees please bring their EpiPen. Other than that, get out there and take a moment to enjoy your family (even if they secretly pull bunny ears on you!)

Only up mauka!


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