Happy Valley Restaurant Takeout with Friends

I had a couple of good friends over one weeknight. Weekdays/nights are hectic and I didn’t want to worry or stress about making a home cooked meal for these pals. The main goal is that we could spend some time together.

We ordered the following dishes:

  • salt and pepper shrimp
  • Schezuan eggplant with pork
  • cold ginger chicken
  • house fried rice
  • salt and pepper string beans
  • beef broccoli with cake noodle
  • salt and pepper ribs

I used to work with these two friends at Hilo High School and only one of the three of us is still there. I have moved to another job and the other friend has retired and is making us jealous with her travels around the world.

So awesome staying in touch with these pals with good food. Living Hilo Style.


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