Napua and Kaunamano Farms and Local Venison

by Lisa Atkinson

A couple of months ago I was treated to a weekend getaway on the Kona side. I met up with some friends to snorkel at the Mauna Lani Beach Club, and then we had lunch at Napua. My friend’s husband ordered the ‘Nduja toast- it was so beautiful with its colorful pickled vegetables on a beautiful black sourdough bread. I asked the manager where the ‘Nduja (a delicious spreadable pork product) came from and he told us about their partnership with Kaunamano Farms in Honoka’a, and described several of the products that the farm raises and sells (including the ‘Nduja spread).

When I returned to Hilo, I did more research on Kaunamano Farms. I love to support small and local meat producers. I discovered that they offer not only subscription boxes (which are a great deal, and the ONLY way you can get their bacon that has a cult following), but they also offer some pretty awesome items a la carte- including Axis deer. As a Tribal person, the prospect of having venison to work with here to fulfill my wild game cravings is a dream come true. I immediately placed an order for the teriyaki venison, the back strap, and the rack. Within a week, I’d cooked with the teriyaki (the seasoning was perfect!), and the back strap (I made a pot pie and then tacos). The meat is clean, lean, and absolutely gorgeous. A taste of home in my new home. And I already know it will make amazing hand pies when I am (finally) ready to fill orders!



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