Sean Fujiyoshi Was Hea


Sleepy Hilo came alive for about an hour today as KTA Super Stores presented a meet and greet with hometown YouTube star Sean Fujiyoshi!

Sean is best known for his collaboration with Ryan Higa on the popular YouTube channel Nigahiga. He and Ryan started out as teenagers filming their homemade comedies and parodies around Hilo in July of 2006. This led to a successful career including starring in the film “Ryan and Sean’s Not So Excellent Adventures”. A comedy about two internet celebrities who find themselves caught up in zany situations while filming a movie.

Aside from visiting Hilo to spend time with his family, Sean enjoys what everyone else does while here…eat! Especially the fresh fish. Nothing like real local food that even his current residence, the “Ninth Island”, can’t quite provide.

Today’s event was an opportunity for Sean to get to know his fans while supporting a great local business. He was enthusiastic and generous with his time by signing autographs, taking photos and usies, and talking story. Sean enjoyed himself and commented on how Hilo fans are the best because they are very respectful.

We all know that Hilo people are the best at everything.



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