A Funny Thing Happened at the ER part 2

A Funny Thing Happened at the ER…pt. 2
Monday Musings by Melinda by Melinda M.

(Here is the link to part 1)

So…it was late. We were satiated. We were feeling good. Well, three of us were feeling good. One of us was feeling sore in body and spirit since her mom was apparently putting the need for a nice meal ahead of her and her potentially broken wrist.


“Before” – when  I was being a “good” mom!

I surreptitiously glanced at my GoogleMaps search for urgent care clinics while trying to chat with Giuseppe, who owns Cafe Tiramisu. Since it was already 10p, none were open. So I texted my sister, who was to pick us up from the Berkeley BART station. Uh, I text her, there might be an ER visit for us. She’s on it: she calls two hospitals near her house and learns that Alta Bates will have the shortest wait time.

Thinking of the standard 4-hr processing time in any ER, that it’s already 10p and that we still have to get to Berkeley, I asked my daughter if couldn’t she please wait until the morning…? I mean after all, I plead with her, if it’s broken, it can’t get more broken! Ah yes, folks, a parenting high point.

So at nearly 11p, my sister dropped us at the ER. We went through the procedures, including the part when they ask you to leave the room so they can ask the child if they were abused. All I could think was: please don’t tell them I asked you to wait until morning, please don’t tell them! She didn’t – phew – and we were off to get X-rays and wait for the doctor.

In walked Dr. Chen. He told us the X-rays don’t show a break, but because of her age, there might still be one so he’s going to put a soft cast on her. Sorry, the surprise day of skiing she received as a Christmas gift is out (would’ve been the first time!) and she should get X-rays when we get home.


Well, one daughter did get to go skiing…!

And that’s when it happened:

Ah, he says, I see you’re visiting from Hilo, Hawaii. Well, this is a bummer.

Yup. It sure is.

Where in Hilo do you live? (no one would ask that unless they knew Hilo!)

Uh…Kaumana…? Why, do you know Hilo?

No, not really, but my dad just moved there. He lives about 5 miles up…? (no one would say that unless they lived in Kaumana!)


Oh yeah? He lives on a … and then he names our cul-de-sac!


Turns out his dad and stepmom live diagonally across from us and even though they moved in 2 years ago, we still had not formally met. Turns out Dr. Chen has been here to visit, so we’ve probably waved to each other before.

And that’s the story of how we had to go all the way to an ER in Berkeley, CA to meet our neighbors across the street. Small world indeed.


Our neighbor’s son happened to be on duty at the ER we happened to choose!