Great Leaders at Kilauea Military Camp (KMC)

I attended a four-day seminar located at the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.  The participants of the second annual Hawaii Great Leaders Seminar stayed at Kilauea Military Camp (KMC).dsc_0094The purpose of this seminar was to allow educational leaders to share their collective experience, wisdom & creativity to identify and analyze problems of management and leadership and develop creative approaches to a solution.

On a Tuesday morning, I picked up some Kauai colleagues at the airport and we made our way to Volcano.Before the seminar started, we had enough time for me to take them to the Jaggar Museum and the steam vents.  We enjoyed the views and the beautiful weather.img_1787We registered at the seminar and checked into our cabins. I was assigned to Cabin 99. This cabin was awesome! It was a three-bedroom cabin with washer/dryer, kitchen/dining room, and living room.The master bedroom had a door that led directly out to a deck.

The facilitators welcomed us with a basket that had snacks, a flashlight, water bottle and other essentials we might need for the week.

We began our seminar on Tuesday afternoon. The agenda each day was eat, meet, eat, meet, eat, meet, and a final informal eat, meet session. Yes, we ate a lot.

We learned about Pele and her story and made an offering to her to give thanks for sharing her home with us.

We ate at the cafeteria for all our main meals.  For breakfast, we had a buffet of eggs, bacon, Portuguese sausage, pancakes/french toast, oatmeal, and fruits. For lunch, we had sandwiches on one day and grilled fish another day. Dinner choices included chicken, roast pork and always baked potatoes with all the fixings.  Our final dinner was an awesome buffet of Hawaiian food. The pupu palace had yummy pupu for us as we networked with each other after the day’s sessions were over.img_1754Connections were made with colleagues not only from the Big Island but also from Oahu, Kauai, and even from North Carolina and Canada as we discussed leadership and life.

I got to meet my Instagram pal IRL!

We reflected, laughed, sang, and made memories as we formed lifetime friendships. Living Hilo Style.



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