December Means Pottery Sale and Hilo High PTSA Craft Faire and Fun

December means it is time for the Hilo Higashi Hongwanji Pottery Sale! I love finding pieces created by people who live here in Hilo. I found a few pieces this year.

After I completed my mission at the pottery sale, it was time for me to head to Hilo High’s PTSA Craft Faire.

I saw my pal and professional shopper extraordinare with her daughter there. In fact, if you go to this fair, you’ll see someone you know every few steps you take. This craft fair is awesome because most of the vendors are from Hilo.

I was looking forward to seeing Kori who isn’t from Hilo but is my favorite jewelry designer. I found treasures from Janella and Mari, pasteles from my brother’s classmate Devin, and baking mixes from Linda. When we were at Jenny’s booth, they called one of the door prize giveaway numbers that was donated from Jenny. Amazingly, they called here is a door prize giveaway. Somehow the stars aligned so that when we were at Jenny’s booth, they were doing the giveaway for what Jenny had donated for a prize. Misty vocalized her desire to win this particular prize in front of me and Jenny and guess what?

They called Misty’s number! It must be The Secret. You just have to believe.

It was a productive shopping day! Living Hilo Style.


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